Garson’s Restaurant Revisited - After attending the official launch of Garson’s Restaurant, I was so impressed and intrigued that I hurried back to see how it was on a regular business day. As I’ve just blogged about it so recently, I won’t regurgitate the same thing again, but you can read the details of the new restaurant on my […]
Garson’s Restaurant - Last night I had the pleasure of attending the new restaurant at Garson’s Farm in Esher’s West End official opening. I don’t know if you’ve eaten at Garson’s in the past, but throw all those memories of boring out the window, this new restaurant is sure to become a destination lunch spot in Surrey. Housed […]
Castello - Esher has yet another new restaurant. Castello has taken on the old Piccolo spot. Having made big improvements to the site, they opened their doors on September 18th. Some of you may be familiar with Castello as they used to have a location in Old Shepperton, which they have shifted to Esher. It’s an independent […]
Albert Arms - Albert Arms is another one of those places I kind of knew it existed but didn’t really know much about it and didn’t clock that it was an option for dining out. When they invited me for lunch I was most intrigued, I hadn’t even realised they did food. Better still, it’s an independent pub […]
Henry’s Grill - As you may know, we are big fans of Henry’s Kitchen in Hampton Court, so we were very excited when brother Henry’s Grill opened on Esher High Street in November. It’s a large space featuring an open kitchen with a rotisserie charcoal grill. The d├ęcor is stylish urban, almost an industrial feel. Walls cladded in […]
Chocolate Teapot - Hurry! You have one week to enjoy the utterly charming Chocolate Teapot in Esher before it closes on November 9. Step over the threhold into the golden days. Although only opened approximately 4 1/2 years ago, the Chocolate Teapot is pure vintage charm. Tables are set with proper china, cute teapots adorn the shelves and […]
The Bear Esher - If you’ve ever driven through Esher, most likely you’ve driven past The Bear. A former coaching inn (it still has hotel rooms,) it’s conveniently located at the corner of the busiest intersection in town. None of us had ever been, perhaps because of it’s busy location. For lunch #3 with my father-in-law, I decided to […]
Giro Cycles - We were so impressed with Giro Cafe during the Surrey Classic Bike Ride launch party that we hurried back for lunch. Bringing the London trend of coffee cafes for cyclists to Surrey, Giro acts as a meeting place for cyclists passing though Esher. It has plenty of cycle parking and also sells replacement parts. But […]
Daylesford Esher - EXCITING NEWS – Henry’s Kitchen is going to open a second location, Henry’s Grill in the old Daylesford Spot. You can read our review of Henry’s Kitchen here – ***Daylesford Esher has now, perhaps unsurprisingly, closed. Our experience might give you an idea as to why*** A relatively new addition to Esher High Street, […]
Cote Esher - Located on the High Street opposite Waitrose. There’s no parking but there’s a public car park nearby. We didn’t pick the best time to start our blog. Our first post was on the eve of the school Easter holiday break. Which means our lunches are on hiatus until our kids are back in school and […]

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