As Ladies Who Lunch, we don’t ask for much! We just want delicious food, in a lovely location with friendly, efficient and helpful service. Who does’t, right? But it can be surprisingly difficult to find.

So we decided to take all our experience of dining out in Surrey to bring you the best places for lunch. As a mix of professionals and busy mums, we have high standards, but we also need to be finished in plenty of time for school pick-up.

We are completely independent and will bring you honest opinions. We don’t fall for PR bluff. If a restaurant chooses to tell us how wonderful it is, we expect it to do exactly what it says on the can. If it doesn’t we’ll point out the differences – in a constructive way.

We like to lunch in a variety of places – restaurants, pubs, cafes or even a garden centre tea room. We may even pop up to London for special occasions.

We love honest food, traditional dishes, interesting recipes – even something a little more Heston-orientated. What we don’t want is ‘blah’ food, surly service and drab surroundings

We hope to recommend some special dining experiences and bring you some hidden gems. And we’d really love to hear your opinions too, so please write a comment – it all adds to the wonderful rich mix.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog – LondonUnveiled.com – and following it. It also introduced me to yours – I love review sites so shall enjoy see what you have to post. All the best, Ian

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