The Olde Swan Chertsey

We set out to visit a cafe in Chertsey, but it was Sunday and when we got there the high street was a ghost town and every eatery we tried was closed. A little further along we noticed a pub with open doors. Ordinarily it didn’t look like the type of pub we would give a second glance to, however we were starved by this point so went inside on the off chance we’d actually decide to get lunch there.

The Olde Swan Chertsey exterior

Shocker, it was really nice inside. Trendily decorated with downpipe paint and eclectic furniture, including a dental chair and a billiard table, erm, table. It’s fairly small but there’s nice high ceilings and lots of light floods in through the windows. As if the space wasn’t inviting enough, the cheery woman at the bar immediately greeted us and we decided to stay.

The Olde Swan Chertsey interior

The Olde Swan Chertsey was recently taken over by McLean Inns, a small chain of seven pubs owned by two bothers and a friend, and they gave it a complete makeover in 2013.

In addition to the interior there are a few picnic tables in the parking lot for al fresco dining.

outdoor seating area The Olde Swan Chertsey

All food is prepared fresh onsite and cooked to order. The menu is modern and reasonably priced. As it was Sunday we opted for roasts though there were other Sunday options.

Jman went for the Topside of beef £9.95, served with peppered roast potatoes, fresh vegetables, a Yorkshire pudding and parsnip crisps. He really enjoyed it; lots of tasty gravy, lots of good meat, excellent roast potatoes and a big Yorkie. It tasted even better because of the great price.

roast beef The Olde Swan Chertsey

I tried the vegetarian option roast, mostly because I love butternut squash, butternut squash & chick pea roast £8.95. It seemed to be chunks of squash mixed with stove top stuffing and pressed into a cake, which wasn’t what I was expecting. However I happen to love stove top stuffing so wasn’t too disappointed. And those crispy parsnips on top were the bees knees.

Butternut squash roast The Olde Swan Chertsey

The vegetables came separately and were beautifully lightly cooked. Jman practically inhaled all that kale and then asked me what it was, naturally his interest fizzled out once I told him it’s a Hollywood thing.

kale, carrots and broccoli vegetables with roast dinner The Olde Swan Chertsey

This is about the best value roast dinner we’ve had in Surrey. We had a roast beef dinner for several pounds more the following weekend and they were pretty much interchangeable. The Olde Swan Chertsey is proof you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

27 Windsor St, Surrey, Chertsey, KT16 8AY
Car park


The Crown Chertsey

The substantial Victorian building of The Crown in Chertsey (which is definitely not reflected in the image) has long been on my most wanted list, finally I found myself in Chertsey at a mealtime and got to venture inside for some lunch.

The Crown Chertsey exterior

The large restaurant area is very up to date yet with many great features like the brick wall and the roaring fire/sofa seating area.

The Crown Chertsey dining area

The pub area is equally up to date, with beautiful old windows and a trendly colour scheme I want in my kitchen.

We elected to sit in the pub area, as it was so sunny and inviting. We played a bit of musical chairs to find the most comfortable seating but once settled we easily could have spent the afternoon.

The Crown Chertsey interior bar seating area

Outside in back is a sheltered and covered sofa seating area, complete with television and blankets. I have to say, I’m not sure I’ve encountered another like it.

The Crown Chertsey outdoor seating area

Service was largely absent though perfectly adequate, they appeared at the bar to take our order and again to deliver our food.

The bar menu was more exciting than your standard fare, with perhaps the most interesting sandwich selection I’ve come across.

Susie and I were both wavering between the same two sandwiches and so elected to get them both and go halfsies.

Our first was the Open classic chicken club £7.95., which was a French club rather than an American club. Though messy to eat, it was delicious and substantial.

The Crown Chertsey club sandwich with egg

Our second choice was the Char grilled pita bread with feta, red onion, cucumber and red cabbage coleslaw £5.95. It was tasty but definitely needed that sauce for moisture. We’re not sure it alone would have been filling enough for lunch.

The Crown Chertsey feta pita

Having both sandwiches combined made for a perfect lunch that was full of flavour and textures, in delightful surroundings.

We really enjoyed The Crown, and if anyone there can tell me the Dulux number of the dark grey in the bar area…

7 London Street, Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 8AP
Street parking
Dogs welcome in bar area