Giro Cycles

We were so impressed with Giro Cafe during the Surrey Classic Bike Ride launch party that we hurried back for lunch.

Bringing the London trend of coffee cafes for cyclists to Surrey, Giro acts as a meeting place for cyclists passing though Esher. It has plenty of cycle parking and also sells replacement parts.

But Giro is just as enjoyable for non cyclists.

Giro Cycle Cafe Coffee Culture

It’s a laid back, stylish cafe, the kind of place you could easily wile away the day.

Each sitting area is different, even the two on the pavement in front. Yet they flow so seamlessly the differences aren’t immediately apparent. They’ve successfully transformed a boring high street location into a charming spot with character.

Giro Cafe

Bottles of water with glasses are on every table, waiting for you on arrival – a nice touch whether you’ve cycled here or not.

Giro Cafe

Being in a former men’s shop, Giro has no kitchen. So they wisely arranged to have the magnificent Pinnock’s provide their food for them. This has somewhat limited the lunch menu though it does change daily. They also have gluten free lunch & cake options.

To satisfy your need for caffeine they serve both slow drip and espresso style organic coffee as well as loose leaf tea.

We both decided to go with the chicken pesto & rocket panini (£6,) which doesn’t make for good blogging but did make our tummies happy. It came with a proper salad as a side and on super fresh and tasty seeded bread.

Giro Cafe chicken pesto sandwich

We were having such a nice, relaxing lunch that we didn’t want it to end. So we ordered cake.

Lynn was immediately drawn to the millionaire shortbread. All baked goodies are £2.50.

Giro Cafe coffee

After much hemming and hawing Marie decided on the (gluten free) carrot cake, £2.50. It was moist, crumbly and yummy.

Giro Cafe gluten free carrot cake

We were so pleased we’d hurried back for lunch, Giro did not disappoint. Giro has done everything right, we don’t think we’d change anything about it. It’s a fabulous and much needed addition to the Esher high street.

Menu 3
Food 4
Decor/Ambiance 5
Service 4
Value 4
Total 20/25

2 High Street, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9RT
Town or Sandown car parks.


One thought on “Giro Cycles

  1. That looks like a really nicely decked out cafe – glad you enjoyed it:-)

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