The Refectory

As you may know, whenever I have a visitor from Canada I always seek out an extra impressive Surrey pub to take them to. On a hot tip, this time we headed to The Refectory in Godalming for an impressive lunch in a massive converted half-timbered cattle barn.

the Refectory Godalming exterior

Inside is simply stunning. Wood beams criss cross everywhere, there’s baby windows and balconies and either end of the building. This pub has the definite wow factor.

the Refectory Godalming interior grand restaurant area with half timbers

A bar sits in the middle, flanked on either side by the bar area and the restaurant area. There’s not too much difference between the two areas, one offers table service and the other allows dogs.

the Refectory Godalming half timbered bar area

It’s a Brunning and Price pub. Brunning and Price have several pubs in Surrey, including my very first post, The Mute Swan in Hampton Court. They do a great job at making each of their locations seem like an individual pub.

There’s an atmospheric patio area outside.

the Refectory Godalming outdoor al fresco seating area patio

We brought our doggie so sat in the bar area and didn’t have table service. However, all the staff we spoke with were very friendly and helpful.

The menu is broken into small sections that cater to a whole host of wants. Much of the menu changes seasonally. The Refectory’s menu has many interesting options, from pigeon breast to Sicilian fish stew (as well as some old favourites). We had a hard time choosing just one dish.

Except daughter two, who can always be counted on to order Pea and ham soup with cheese toasty £6.25.

the Refectory Godalming pea and ham soup

She also had an order of Garlic ciabatta £3.50 She enjoyed both of her dishes.

the Refectory Godalming garlic bread

The Canadian guest, my father-in-law, chose the Broccoli and blackstick blue cheese quiche with potato salad £8.95. The quiche was very tasty, he really rated it, and the potato salad was also very nice.

the Refectory Godalming blue cheese quiche

Jman had the Rump steak sandwich with fried onions, tomato chutney and a few chips £9.95. He reports it was good overall, the steak may have been a bit chewy but not too bad.

the Refectory Godalming rump steak sandwich

Daughter one had the Rare roast beef with rocket and horseradish on white bread £6.75. She reports it was very, very, very good.

the Refectory Godalming rare roast beef sandwich

My interest piqued, I settled on the Wild boar and chorizo meatballs in slow cooked tomato and basil sauce with creamy sage polenta £9.95. I loved it though I had to concentrate to notice the chorizo. The tomato sauce was super yummy and even the polenta was moreish.

the Refectory Godalming wild boar and chorizo meathballs with polenta

Each of my children ordered a dessert, that way I can eat some and keep my conscience clear.

Number two ordered my favourite, Sticky toffee pudding with apricot sauce and clotted cream £5.75. She suffered because I ate half of it, as it was so delicious. She needs to learn from her sister and order something I’m not so keen on.

the Refectory Godalming sticky toffee pudding

Number one selected the Chocolate and salted caramel tart with raspberry sorbet £6.50. I only had one bite of this, it’s not my thing but she loved it and ate every last morsel.

chocolate and salted caramel tart the Refectory Godalming

We loved The Refectory. It was good food in incredible surroundings. We’ll definitely bring the next set of Canadian houseguests to it.

Portsmouth Road, Milford, Godalming, GU8 5HJ
Large car park
Dogs welcome in bar area


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