The Bear Esher

If you’ve ever driven through Esher, most likely you’ve driven past The Bear. A former coaching inn (it still has hotel rooms,) it’s conveniently located at the corner of the busiest intersection in town.

None of us had ever been, perhaps because of it’s busy location. For lunch #3 with my father-in-law, I decided to venture inside.

The Bear Esher external

The first thing you notice when you enter the building is the calmness. The roar of the traffic is blotted out as soon as the door shuts and you’re left standing in a surprisingly tranquil bar area. At least it was tranquil at lunch time, we can’t vouch for Friday evenings.

The Bear Esher bar

The inside is made up of several well appointed rooms that are tastefully decorated with a nod to tradition.

The Bear Esher internal red roomThe Bear Esher internal back room

An outdoor patio is alongside the Inn. It’s nicely done and is overlooked by an ancient looking church. However it’s beside the road and suffers from traffic noise.

The inside is such a lovely environment we elected to sit indoors.

The Bear Esher patio terrace for al fresco dining

We can not complain about the service. For lunch they serve the regular menu as well as a sandwiches & wraps menu.

FIL had the “Chicken club – free range chicken, bacon, tomato & mayonnaise £8.95.” It definitely looked good. The only comment was that the mayo was on the side so he had to take those layers apart to put it on the sandwich.

The Bear Esher club sandwich

I wasn’t terribly excited by anything on the lunch menu but in the end went for the “Chicken Caesar with anchovies and classic Caesar dressing £7.25.” Again it was beautifully presented. The anchovies weren’t mixed into the dressing, meaning some bites were overpowering anchovy and some were bland but it was still enjoyable.

The Bear Esher chicken caesar wrap

Our lunch was thoroughly pleasant and I’m kicking myself for not going before now. I’ll definitely be back.

Menu 3
Food 4
Decor/Ambiance 4
Service 4
Value 3
Total 18/25

71 High Street, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9RQ
Town car park
Dog friendly patio


2 thoughts on “The Bear Esher

  1. It looks charming! The chips (fries we call ’em) have me drooling over here.

  2. They were very American fries. Same with having anchovies in the Caesar – in The States do they mix the anchovies into the dressing or lay them alongside?

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