Ashley Park - Do you ever have 25 minutes to grab lunch before jumping on a train? It greatly limits the choices of eateries. We reckoned we had a choice of one, Ashley Park, as it’s located opposite Walton-On-Thames train station. We hadn’t been before, so weren’t sure what to expect. Ashley Park is part of the Ember […]
Spice Merchant - We settled, dubiously, on the Indian – Spice Merchant. We’d ventured into ‘old’ Walton-on-Thames, as we knew there were restaurants down there but had never tried any of them. The ‘triangle’ is a united nations of eateries, Thai, Japanese/Korean, two pubs and and Indian. As you may know, I’m not a curry person however I […]
Craft & Grill - The school holidays are over, all the ladies are back from holiday and ready to lunch! Just when Ann thought she left the food of her homeland on holiday, we headed off for some American chow. It’s always exciting when a London trend comes to Surrey. Doubly exciting when it’s two London trends in one. […]
The Weir - Just as I got home from my feast at Roz Ana, my husband said he wanted to make the most of the beautiful weather and take his father out to dinner along the river. I am incapable of saying no to a meal out, so even in my sated state I found myself at The […]
Cappadocia - The giant chandelier is the talk of the town, making it hard not to notice there’s an exciting new restaurant in Walton-on-Thames. The glittering light is a beacon to anyone driving through central Walton. It certainly pulled me in for dinner – another outing with my father-in-law, husband & kids too. Walton is the second […]
Zio’s - Another dinner post. This time we collected our exhausted kids straight off the bus from a residential school trip and dragged them to Zio’s in Walton-on-Thames for some Italian food. On the ‘island’ of the one way system. Small car park. A Sicilian family restaurant for 30 years, Zio’s is the oldest restaurant in Walton-on-Thames. […]
The Green at Burhill Golf Club - The Green is the restaurant at prestigious Burhill Golf Club. Located in the clubhouse, a Georgian mansion that was home to Barnes Wallis during WW2, The Green is an undiscovered gem as people seem to be unaware it is open to non-members. Open to the public seven days a week. Plenty of parking. A confession: […]
Flours Artisan Bakery - Tucked around the outside of the Heart on Hepworth Way (opposite Waitrose,) Flours is easy to forget about when shopping at The Heart. Parking is in The Heart’s multi-story car park. When you first enter it’s difficult to know whether you’re supposed to sit down or go to the counter at the back to order. […]

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