Garson’s Restaurant Revisited

After attending the official launch of Garson’s Restaurant, I was so impressed and intrigued that I hurried back to see how it was on a regular business day.

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As I’ve just blogged about it so recently, I won’t regurgitate the same thing again, but you can read the details of the new restaurant on my post Garson’s Restaurant official opening/

Daylight photos give you a much better sense of the space, of the glass ceilings and the impressive central glass lantern. (Bizarrely in the photo it looks like half the lights are burnt out, but I promise they were all on.)


In summer, the glass walls will fold back, blending the strawberry picking fields with the restaurant.

We visited on Sunday, probably arriving about one thirty. The restaurant was very nearly full. There was a nice background buzz but it wasn’t noisy, we could easily have a conversation and hear ourselves without having to strain, possibly because of the slant of the ceiling.


Outside is still a work in progress, which will no doubt be finished in time for summer. The area overlooks the strawberry picking area and fields to the right. (I didn’t photograph them because the work being done didn’t make for a pretty picture.)


There are tons of goodies to tempt you, for dessert or if you’re only coming for coffee.

All staff members we dealt with were cheery and friendly. A staff member was greeting guests at the door, to help people navigate the new restaurant. Tables seemed to be promptly cleared.


Order at the central cash area then take your fancy gadget to a table, it sends a signal out so the waitstaff can easily find you (the wooden spoon of the 21st century.)

We were shock when our food arrived shortly after we’d ordered it. I’d barely sat down from nosing around when it came.

For lunch, Jman had the Hot steak & cheese ciabatta erved with sweet potato fries & house slaw £8.95. He loved it, the beef was really tender, good slaw and nice sweet potato fries.


Being Sunday, I went for the Roast chicken & stuffing served with roast potatoes, carrots, green beans, Yorkshire pudding and gravy £9.95. Wow, I was really surprised at the quality of the food. Fresh thyme and even half a bulb of garlic was on my plate along with with food, and the flavours were definitely apparent. A real man sized portion, there’s no way I could have finished it. What excellent value for money.


Garson’s Restaurant definitely didn’t disappoint in the daylight. It’s a lovely spot with a great sense of light that serves up great food. I most definitely be returning.

Winterdown Road,West End, Esher, Surrey, KT10 8LS
Dogs welcomed in designated areas (inside and out)


Garson’s Restaurant

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the new restaurant at Garson’s Farm in Esher’s West End official opening. I don’t know if you’ve eaten at Garson’s in the past, but throw all those memories of boring out the window, this new restaurant is sure to become a destination lunch spot in Surrey.

Garson's Farm Restaurant octagon glass lantern

Housed in a brand new show stopping building, the octagonal room reminiscent of a city market, complete with art deco steel framework. Highlight is the raised octagonal lantern in the centre of the room, punctuated with a huge chandelier.

Only a small section of roof over the entire room isn’t glass. Retractable glass doors on four sides of the octagon fully open in summer, giving access to the patio and views over their fields down to the River Mole.

Interestingly, they’d laid 8km of pipes underneath their fields, and that provides geothermal heat for the restaurant and heats the water used in the kitchen and restrooms.

Garson's Farm Restaurant interiorGarson's Farm Restaurant inside dining area with sliding glass doors to fields

It’s a huge space. Inside, seating is a mix of comfy booths and traditional country style tables, broken up around the large space with accented seating areas of banquettes and mood lit tables.

Outside is a huge patio area for al fresco dining in warmer months.

We sampled a variety of delicious canapes.

Garson's Farm Restaurant canape spread

The menu changes seasonally. All food is prepared fresh onsite. Often using ingredients grown onsite and picked that morning. Most baked goods baked onsite, including scones and tray bakes. Even Scotch Eggs and some breads are made onsite.

What isn’t made onsite is sourced locally as much as possible (local bakeries, etc.) Meat is sourced form a local butcher.

We sampled miniature versions of several dishes form the menu, (fish & chips, macaroni and cheese, burger with stilton, beef brisket and mash.) They were all tasty, my favourite was the mac and cheese, it was nice and creamy with lots of flavour.

Garson's Farm Restaurant fish and chipsGarson's Farm Restaurant potted macaroni and cheeseGarson's Farm Restaurant beef and stilton burgerGarson's Farm Restaurant beef brisket

The menu offers an assortment of dishes, from salads (£6.95), sandwiches (£5.25-£7.45) and jacket potatoes (6.95-7.95) to full meals (£7.95-£9.75) and sharing platters (£11.25). Kids options are pick n mix lunch boxes (£4.55) and hot meals (£4.95).

Traditional Sunday lunches (£9.95), a selection of meats plus vegetarian option (can accommodate Vegans if advanced notice is given.)

Breakfast is served until 11:30, for which there’s a good selection to choose from, from a make your own smoothie bar (£2.95 adults) to a full farmhouse breakfast (£6.95 meat or vegetarian).

Order at the counter and food is brought to your table.

We sampled a few of the sweet treats, including a mouthwateringly delicious crumble.

Garson's Farm Restaurant browniesGarson's Farm Restaurant apple and berry crumble rubarb

Perhaps most exciting of all (for my Canadian guests anyway) is the Garson’s afternoon tea, three tiers of goodies, £12.95 for two people, or with prosecco £17.95 for two people.

There’s also a daily selection of all sorts of treats, displayed on the counter.

Garson's Farm Restaurant afternoon teaGarson's Farm Restaurant sweet treats, cupcakes

Unfortunately the local council won’t give them permission to open in the evenings so they close at 5.30 (4.30 in winter excluding Christmas) Monday through Saturday and 4.45 on Sundays (year round.)

I’ve got to say, I’m really glad I live ten minutes away and most definitely will be visiting. Even if you’re not so close, Garson’s is well worth an outing. I have every confidence the new Garson’s Restaurant will be a game changer for the local area.

Reservations accepted (and best advised if you have dietary needs – inform them ahead of time to be catered for.)

Winterdown Road,West End, Esher, Surrey, KT10 8LS
Dogs welcomed in designated areas (inside and out)

Great Fosters Afternoon Tea

Built in 1550 as a royal hunting lodge, Great Fosters is now a hotel that serves meals along with a luxury afternoon tea. With my Canadian mother and sister visiting from Canada and realising they’d never experienced a proper English afternoon tea, I decided to take them to Great Fosters.

Great Fosters external

Character greets you at the door, as you must stoop to get through the little door within a door. The lobby is beautiful, the ceiling is ornately plastered and there’s a massive fire place at one end.

We were ushered down a wide, panelled corridor to the cocktail bar for our tea. The room was pleasant, bright and modern with touches of history. It was busy enough to create a nice vibe but not so busy as to be crowded.

Great Fosters internal bar

You can request, when booking, to have your afternoon tea in the Anne Boleyn room. I preferred this room to the cocktail bar and would recommend requesting it, particularly in winter.

Great Fosters internal Anne Boleyn room

Set in 50 acres, a beautiful formal garden along with a Saxon moat are nearest the building. The terrace overlooks these and is the best choice, weather permitting, for afternoon tea.

Great Fosters external tables

We opted for the regular afternoon tea (£24.50.) The price compares favourably to hotels in London, though admittedly I don’t have anything to compare it to in Surrey. There is also a gluten free afternoon tea.

With three pages of tea to choose from we selected an Assam, a Rooibos and hand-tied flowering Osmanthus. All were top quality.

To begin, we selected sandwiches from our waitress’s tray. I chose (from left to right) Coronation chicken on caraway bread, Smoked salmon and cream cheese on beetroot bread, Marinated cucumber and crème fraîche on basil bread and Egg mayonnaise and cress on wholegrain bread. All were lovely and, being famished, I had a second helping.

Great Fosters afternoon tea sandwiches

Service was very attentive and decadent. Nothing was too much trouble, more tea, different tea, more milk, more jam, anything was immediately provided.

When I finally decided I’d had my fill of sandwiches we moved on to the main event. Three tiers of tasty treats to feast on.

Great Fosters afternoon tea

On bottom we had three fruit breads, a super rich brownie, an almond cake and a carrot cake.

Great Fosters afternoon tea cakes

In the middle tier, wrapped up in a napkin, was six warm scones. One raison and one plain each, smothered in jam and clotted cream. They were divine, the star of the day.

Great Fosters afternoon tea scones jam and clotted cream

We made our way to the very visually appealing top tier – Black Forest, passionfruit, chocolate caramel shortbread, apricot tart, green tea & raspberry macaron and in the middle, strawberries in jelly. Full stomachs did not deter us from polishing off this level. Some were very sweet and would been perfect for someone with a sweet tooth, like Ann.

Great Fosters afternoon tea desserts

Once we had eaten everything save the fruit bread, the waiter asked if we would like to take it home with us. Yes. please, my children would love me to bring them home a treat of fruit bread. Maybe.

The lesson is, don’t overstuff yourself, they do doggy bags (not normally something I associate with the UK.)

Great Fosters takeaway box

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Great Fosters. It was a perfect choice for “foreign” tourists to immerse themselves in English history and enjoy a proper English afternoon tea.

Great Fosters, Stroude Road, Egham, Surrey, TW20 9UR
Large car park

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