Tante Marie

You may have heard of the esteemed Tante Marie culinary school in Woking, in April they opened a restaurant in Woking town centre. As it’s Tante Marie, this isn’t your regular restaurant, everyone working here has completed the Cordon Bleu diploma and is studying for an advanced hospitality management diploma. Meaning the cooking, serving, cleaning and admin is all done by students.

Tante Marie exterior

It’s a brand new building with a nice modern interior, a splash of colour and snazzy finishing touches complete the space. A good amount of other diners creates atmosphere. A large patio area is in front on the pedestrianised shopping street – it’s nice to see Woking town centre being transformed and this area now has a great bustling vibe.

Tante Marie dining room

Service is very professional and discreet, worthy of a much higher standard of establishment.

Shortly after arriving some popcorn appeared on the table, which we enjoyed munching on while making our selections.

popcorn amuse bouche at Tante Marie

Menus change constantly. The lunch menu features a soup of the day, salad of the day, a tart of the day, a dish of the day plus tapas syle dishes. We opted for the smaller tapas dishes in order to try more types of food.

Dishes arrived as they were ready. The first to come was the Smoked mackerel pate, croutes £4.50. It was tasty.

smoked mackerel Tante Marie

Next came the lightly dressed Caesar salad £3.50, although there was a splodge of dressing near the bottom.

caesar salad Tante Marie

We also had Spring vegetables beignets & caper mayo £4.50, I quite liked the mayo.

Spring vegetables beignets caper mayo Tante Marie

And super tender Chicken goujons, chive cream £6.00.

chicken goujons Tante Marie

Lastly we had two portions of the Charred peach, crispy prosciutto, mozzarella £4.50. This dish was excellent, there were tons of textures and flavours that all complemented one another. I wished the other dishes, while good, were as exciting as this one. Possibly my choices were limited by my dislike of crab and my squeamishness about eating rabbit.

charred peach, prosciutto, mozzarello

To finish we split a dessert – Pistachio meringue & fresh fruit £4.00. Again the dish was nice.

fresh fruit and pistachio meringue Tante Marie

Overall the food was good, it’s well worth trying out. You might even be inspired to take one of the day or weekend courses offered in the display kitchen beside the dining area.

59-61 Commercial Way, Woking, Surrey, GU21 6HN
Town car park


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