Hersham Golf Club safari adventure cafe

Hersham has a brand new attraction, safari adventure mini golf at the Hersham Gold Club. My daughter was desperate to go so we grabbed a friend and went for lunch and a round of putt putt.

Hersham Golf Club safari adventure golf exterior

I was really surprised at what great quality the course iss. Noisy animals, an erupting volcano and best of all, rope ferries you have to pull to get across the water hazards, they didn’t skimp on this safari adventure. My only complaint would be they’ve made it a bit more cramped than it needs to be, but that’s being picky. The kids had a ton of fun and especially enjoyed retrieving balls from the numerous water hazards (usually my ball.)

Hersham Golf Club safari adventure golf volcano and elephants

They’ve built a brand new cafe to go along with the course. It has modern, bright indoor seating areas as well as an outdoor terrace (as seen in the first photo.) I was worried there was only going to be a standard little kid menu as that’s all I could find on the website but when we got there they had a fairly extensive menu, including sandwiches, jackets, salads and some heartier dishes.

Hersham Golf Club safari adventure golf cafe interior

We went a few days after it opened and service was a bit disorganised but smiley. Order and the counter and get a numbered spoon to take to your table. We had to order non-fruit shoot drinks in the golf club bar.

Child number one opted for the Bacon sandwich with chips £6.95. She ate everything but the crusts, which is a good sign.

Hersham Golf Club safari adventure golf bacon sandwich

Child number two had a Jacket potato with cheese and beans £5.95. It was big portion and she enjoyed it.

Hersham Golf Club safari adventure golf jacket potato with cheese and beans

The adults had Grilled halloumi cheese salad with pesto £7.45. As in two orders of it but there was some confusion and they only brought one. Not to worry, they quickly prepared a second one. Neither had any sign of pesto though that didn’t bother me as I preferred the French dressing anyway, though a little less would have been better. I of course hate tomatoes and they, without me asking, substituted more red peppers, yum, normally I feel cheated because places don’t normally fill out a salad with other ingredients.

Hersham Golf Club safari adventure golf halloumi salad

We went back into the cafe after our golf round for some cake. They didn’t have a huge selection, but the ones we chose were tasty. (Un)fortunately my friend treated us for the cakes and I didn’t get prices. We shared a cheesecake and a chocolate fudge cake and both were yummy.

Hersham Golf Club safari adventure golf exterior chocolate cake

Prices are a bit high, I suppose they think they’ve spent a fortune on the mini golf and cafe and they need to charge higher prices to recoup their investment. The adventure golf is great fun and the cafe is very convenient for the outing.

Hersham Golf Club safari adventure golf cheese cake

I was really impressed. They’ve spent a lot of money on the safari adventure golf and it’s sure to be a good thing for Hersham. The cafe is still finding its feet but it’s early days and I imagine they’ll find their way.

Assher Rd, Hersham, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, KT12 4RA (no that second S is not a typo)
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