News update

As you may have noticed, I haven’t done a new review in a while. I’ve been utterly buried with too much going on, including a major house extension that I’ve been project managing. But that hasn’t stopped me from eating out, in fact I’ve been eating out more the past few months because I haven’t had a kitchen.

Sadly, apple switch iphotos to photos and somehow I’ve lost all those new review pics. I thought I’d briefly summarise a couple of them (the two I can remember), as well as bring you some news from a couple of places I’ve already done.

Okeechobees Cafe
1 Esher Road, Hersham, Surrey, KT12 4JZ

Okeechobee Cafe Hersham

Giving Hersham a much needed independent cafe, the Okeechobees does a perfect job of it. Would you believe I’ve been three times already and sadly every food photo is lost. But trust me, the inside is beautiful, the food is great and the owners are lovely. Best of all it is totally dog friendly, with dogs very welcomed inside and out.  I will definitely be back soon to do a proper review.



41 Old Woking Rd, West Byfleet, Surrey, KT14 6LG

OIsi West Byfleet

The most heartbreaking of all my photos, Oisi is an oddly situated Japanese restaurant tucked away under a printer ink shop in West Byfleet. Once you get down in the basement the atmosphere is quiet and serene. Service is friendly with a traditional far east feel. Food is delicious and outstandingly presented, if only I’d tweeted some straight away, alas you’ll have to experience it for yourself.


The Cricketers

Downside Common, Cobham, KT11 3NX

The Cricketers Downside Cobham olde worlde fireplaceThe Cricketers Downside Cobham sunday roast beefThe Cricketers Downside Cobham toulouse sausage and mashThe Cricketers Downside Cobham pea and goat cheese vegetarian dish

The Cricketers has completed the change of ownership to the White Brasserie group, a group that combines traditional French brasserie with a traditional English pub twist. We visited on a Sunday and had a traditional roast beef along with Toulouse sausage & mash and a lovely pea & goat cheese vegetarian option. The food was tasty and the vibe was thankfully still olde worlde.

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Stephan Langton

Friday Street, Abinger Common, Dorking, Surrey, RH5 6JR

DSC_0085sweet potato and goat cheese cakeStephan Landon cumberland sausageStephan Landon child's salmon

The fabled pub at the end of the world, the Stephan Langton was taken over by enthusiastic new owners this spring. They’ve freshened the inside, added some more tables outside and have plans for a much needed proper garden seating area. The food is lovingly prepared on site and all ingredients are locally sourced. Even the three bought in items – beer, ice cream & bread come from the local area. (Beer from the Tillingbourne Brewery in Shere.)

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