The Alexander

When I picked my Canadian friend up from the airport it was only natural that the first thing she wanted to do was go to a pub. (Particularly since she writes a Toronto pub blog.) I chose to take her to The Alexander in Oatlands (Weybridge.)

The Alexander Weybridge exterior

Outside there’s a nice big outdoor space that doesn’t open up to a road (just the parking lot.)

Inside the pub runs in a relatively skinny chevron from the car park entrance, with windows running along one side or the other, there’s no dark, dank pub qualities here.

The Alexander Weybridge bar

Decor is a kind of updated take on shabby chic pub, up to date colours and a bit of whimsy coupled with all the nice big windows make for a cordial dining spot.

The menu changes daily, I like the ‘on this day’ and famous birthdays for each day. It has some nice sounding dishes, however as we were there for lunch we didn’t want a full big meal and there weren’t really any light lunch type items save for lentil soup. Lentils are my anti-beetroots. I will never, ever order anything with lentils.

The Alexander Weybridge seating area

Service was fine.

My friend, fresh off the plane from Canada and barely on breakfast time opted for the Great British cheeseboard with white graps, pear chutney & biscuits £8.50. As you can see it was nicely presented and a pretty good size, it made for a nice little lunch.

The Alexander Weybridge English cheese plate

I opted for the potato skins with sweet chilli and sour cream dips £5.50 from the bar snacks menu. Foolishly, for some reason (I think from a combination of the price and wishful thinking) I thought I was ordering North American style potato skins, like these, that can be passable as a lunch. Instead they were literally just the skins. They were very tasty and nicely presented but I’m not sure about the value for money.

The Alexander potato skins

I do like the interior of The Alexander and expect it is quite a nice spot for dinner or a Sunday lunch, however I’m not surprised we were the only ones in at lunchtime – they need a light lunch menu. The food we did have was good quality and nicely presented. I think it is worth a try when going out for a full meal.

139 Oatlands Drive, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 9LA
Car park
Dogs welcome


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