Grill & Go

I was wandering in the Peacocks Centre food court. My daughter had rebelled against me and demanded a Sub, leaving me to sort myself out. Dejected, my spirits lifted when I saw the new Grill & Go.

Grill & Go opened in the summer. It’s the first Grill & Go location but the owner has hopes of franchising. It sells chicken. More specifically, 100% pure chicken breasts that have never been frozen. Chicken is grilled for maximum healthiness.

Grill & Go storefront

You can have your chicken on three types of bread – bun, pitta or wrap. Or no bread, in the form of chicken strips.

Marinade is where choice comes in. Choose from Mexican, sweet chilli, bbq, Cajun, tikka & chargrilled (plain?) Chicken is marinated for at least 24 hours.

I had the meal, which is £5.79 chicken + bread + salad or fries + drink. With the bbq marinade and pitta bread. I wasn’t feeling particularly healthy so ordered fries instead of the salad.

Grill & Go

It was nice enough. The sauce was tasty and it was a fat piece of chicken. The fries were pretty standard, I didn’t get to eat very many. Poetic justice saw my daughter drop her sub on the floor and she ended up eating my fries.

Grill & Go chicken pita

My favourite thing about the Grill & Go? Their poster that says, and I quote, “One customer has already said: ‘This has got to be Woking’s best chicken burger.'”

Peacocks Place Centre Foodcourt Unit 9 GU21 6GH
Three massive car parks to choose from (pay)


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