We’re always excited to learn about a new restaurant opening. Lately there seems to be a new one opening every week in Surrey, we’re very lucky. So we were delighted to be invited to the launch party of Mezzet Dar in Hampton Court.

Mezzet Dar is the newest venture by the owners of Mezzet, two doors away. It marries Lebanese mezza with Spanish tapas, just like the married couple who opened it.

Bubbles were flowing, the Spanish guitarist was strumming up a storm and the crowd spilled out onto the road. My husband and I enjoyed a drink and a look around, along with scores of others…click here to read our Dar review

Mezzet Dar opening party

Hungry, we decided to get a full meal at the original Mezzet two doors down. It was opened in 2012 by a local Molesey couple, he is Lebanese and she Spanish. Mezzet is true to his Lebanese roots and offers authentic Lebanese cuisine. Since its opening, the restaurant has become hugely popular and enjoys a loyal following.

We were about to discover why.

Mezzet Hampton Court Exterior

Located on my new favourite street, Bridge Road in Hampton Court, Mezzet is near the far end from the bridge. There’s seating on the pavement to enjoy to bustle of the street on fine days.

Inside, the décor is smart and bright with Lebanese accents to remind you what type of restaurant you’re in.

mezzet lebanese restaurant interior

Service is very authentic. Staff are attentive, knowledgable about menu items and of course, in true Lebanese style, genuinely welcoming.

mezzet lebanese restaurant seating area

Having just come from Dar, we were mentally in the mood for mezze – though Mezzet is more than just mezze. There’s no shortage of tempting main courses on offer.

We ordered a plethora of dishes.

mezzet lebanese restaurant mezze

We had, clockwise from the big round dish in the centre:

Hindbeh Bill scallops scallops/dandelion greens/pine nuts/dried fried onion £8.95. This was my favourite dish of the night. Perfectly cooked and deliciously paired with greens and fried onions. Gorgeous.

mezzet lebanese restaurant scallops

Soujuk Traditional spicy sausages/onions/peppers/lemon juice £6.96. Heavenly tangy flavour, excellent tomato sauce. The waiter said they were his favourite and S agrees with him.

mezzet lebanese restaurant spicy sausage makanek

Sambousek cheese pastry filled with cheese/parsley £4.95. Delightful texture, light and fluffy and not heavy the way cheese can sometimes be. The accompanying mint sauce was super yummy (and came with the spinach pastry as well.)

mezzet lebanese restaurant sambousek cheese

Jawaneh grilled chicken wings/garlic/coriander sauce £5.50. Yummy with a very garlicky sauce.

mezzet lebanese restaurant chicken wings

Calamari fried calamari lemon/cumin/salt £6.95. Excellent, fresh tasting and flavourful with the ideal amount & seasoning of batter.

mezzet lebanese restaurant calamari

Fatayer spinach pastry with pine nuts/onions/spinach £5.50. As you may have noticed in the overview photo above, my husband gets impatient with my photo taking and while I still had my camera out he started digging in. He did a loud mmm because he tasted something so good. I’d assumed he’d tried the sausage but he was acutally savouring a spinach pastry. You know it must be good if a man is mmming about vegetables!

mezzet lebanese restaurant fatayer spinach

Though we’d crammed ourselves full of as much yummy mezze as humanly possible, I cannot resist baklava. So we ordered some. It was incredible, bite sized baklava with fresh fruit. (Yes, my husband messed with the grapes before I could photograph it.)

My dream dessert come true.

mezzet lebanese restaurant baklava

The food here is top notch. Mezzet is a West End quality restaurant in Surrey, and makes an excellent alternative to travelling into town. It is a restaurant you’re guaranteed to love.

43 Bridge Road East Molesey KT8 9ER
Street parking or use overpriced car park at the train station.

We were guests of Mezzet but this is no way biased our review.


One thought on “Mezzet

  1. OOOOOH. I love Lebanese. Sambuseh are my favorites and I love the accompanying sauce.

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