Cafe Aromas

A bit of sun and a bit of free time allowed me to bip to Cobham to check out Cafe Aromas.

Cafe Aromas is located on a quiet street just off the high street. There’s not much traffic so it’s enjoyable to sit on the pavement in front without traffic whizzing by. (Obviously I’m behind with my posts, as sitting outside probably isn’t an option for a few months.)

Cafe Aroma Cobham

Inside is pretty standard cafe décor but it’s clean and bright, though the drinks fridge is a bit loud. It was bustling when we visited (clearly after I took these photos.)

Staff are extra friendly and service is very good.

The menu is pretty thorough. There’s a better than average offering for cafes. All food is freshly prepared.

Cafe Aroma Cobham interior

My husband had the pasta of the week, “penne pasta, flasked salmon pieces and spinach with a cheese sauce and paprika breadcrumbs £7.50.” It was tasty. The portion wasn’t huge, but they did come around and offer more.

Cafe Aroma Cobham Pasta Bake

I opted for the “sliced avocado & green salad £5.75.” I was worried it would just be leaves but there was plenty to this salad (I asked for no tomatoes because tomatoes are gross.) It was a really enjoyable salad, crisp and refreshing. It filled me up and was excellent value.

Cafe Aroma Cobham salad

Cafe Aromas is a definite asset to Cobham town centre. It’s what you might call a “good, honest cafe.”

28 Hollyhedge Rd, Cobham, KT11 3DG
Very close to the main Cobham town car park.


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