Moka Cafe

We found ourselves in the Bentalls Centre at lunch time and decided to try Moka Cafe. We hadn’t intended on lunching. It was supposed to be a quick run to Kingston after school drop-off. That was before we went to TKMaxx, where time moves at a different pace.

Moka is a small Surrey chain found in shopping centres that serves light Italian food, paninis, salads and more, using fresh ingedients. It’s located on the Top floor, at the opposite end from the Bentalls shop.

Moka Caffe Bentalls Centre

“Inside” is chic Italian, there’s also a “terrace” in the mall hall. Initially we sat down inside but decided to move to the terrace to enjoy the sunshie coming in through the skylights.

We were dying of thirst from our shopping marathon. Alas, no server came. We waited, parched. There was no waitstaff in sight (we went looking.) Marie really suffered, as she was facing the Zest Juice Bar, refreshment was so close.

Some friends of ours happened by on their way out of Waterstones. They came over to us and we stood and chatted, which finally got the attention of the waiter (are we that loud?) We told him we needed water asap, then resumed our wait. We waited some more, despite telling our waiter about our urgent need for water. Finally water came, hoorah! It didn’t last long. When he brought our food we asked for more water because we were that thirsty. We finished our meals but the water never arrived.

Fingers crossed this was a one-off and that the service here is normally much better.

Moka Caffe interior

Ann opted for the hot panini with Mozzarella, farmhouse bacon, spinach & mayo £6.20. Except they happily substituted regular tomatoes instead of sundried ones. Unfortunately the bacon was limp which really detracted from the sandwich.

Moka Caffe bacon, brie tomato panini

Marie went for a regular sandwich with Grilled chicen, avocado, spinach & mayo £5.70
The bread was incredibly delicious. Lots of spinach, not just the token piece to make you feel like you’re getting one of your five a day. The avocado was thick cut and perfectly ripe. They were overly generous with the mayo, a bit less and this would have been the perfect sandwich. It was still very, very good though.

Moka Caffe cicken and spinach sandwich

If you’re not in the mood for sushi, there’s not much choice of places to eat in the Bentalls Centre. Moka is the Bentalls place for freshly prepared food.

Moka also has locations in Wimbledon, Guildford and Epsom.

Unit S10a, The Bentall Centre, Wood Street, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, KT1 1TP
Bentalls car park


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