Craft & Grill

The school holidays are over, all the ladies are back from holiday and ready to lunch! Just when Ann thought she left the food of her homeland on holiday, we headed off for some American chow.

It’s always exciting when a London trend comes to Surrey. Doubly exciting when it’s two London trends in one. Thanks to Craft & Grill, we now have our own spot for craft beer and American smokehouse & grill food. Yay.

Craft & Grill exterior

You may or may not remember The Noble Vine on the Walton-on-Thames high street. You know, that place you always walked past but have never really been in. It was revamped in August and emerged as Craft & Grill and we were excited to make it our first spot of the new school year’s lunches.

Gone is the noughties wine bar. Craft & Grill is now an up to date eclectic space serving coffee, brunch, lunch & dinner as well as drinks.

Craft & Grill interior

There’s plenty of seating as it’s goes quite far back.

The atmosphere is very chilled out. Servers are friendly and there’s no pressure to drink or eat, one or the other will do. We thought the food was quite good value for money.

Craft & Grill inside

Craft & Grill serves loads of craft beers from all over the world. There’s 30 bottled beers plus six on draught that regularly change (in addition to your regular pub selection.)

What’s craft beer you ask? It’s beer from independently owned microbreweries. Bars featuring craft beers have grown in popularity in North America over the past decade. Now there’s a thriving craft beer pub scene in London. Here, read more

Craft & Grill bar

Most fun of all, the bottled beer is located in a fridge beside the bar. Take your time choosing a beer & glass then take it to the bar for them to open for you.

Craft & Grill beer fridge

If you’re unfamiliar with smoked meat, a smoker unit set to a low temperature that generates smoke at the bottom (usually with wood chips) that rises up to flavour the meat. The process takes ages and results in a piece of meat that is tender and smokey.

Marie & Ann tried a sampler during the opening night (poor Lynn was busy climbing Snowden.) C&G Ultimate Sharing Combo The Full Works! Pulled Beef Chilli & Chips, Pulled Pork Slider, Steak Slider, One of each Wing, One of each Rib & ¼ of Buffalo Chicken Served with Dips & House Salad £24. Much of this was perfect smoked bbq food. The pulled pork slider was a stand out yummy, as was the chicken, the wings, the baby ribs… We thought we should include it here.

Craft & Grill

For our lunch we decided to try dishes that weren’t on the sampler.

Ann had theCobb Salad Chicken, Smoked Bacon, Boiled Egg, Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Avocado, Chives, Blue Cheese Dressing £9 It was full of all sorts of goodies. They were generous with the dressing, dieters will want to ask for it on the side.

Craft & Grill Cobb salad

Marie went for the 5 Bean Chilli Plain Rice, Tortillas & Sour Cream £8. It was both hot and sweet, at first bite she was worried it was going to be too hot but strangely the heat didn’t intensify with subsequent bites and it went down quite nicely. The tortilla chips were nice and light, the way tortilla chips are meant to be.

Craft & Grill 5 bean chilli

Lynn, after much deliberation, opted for the Buffalo BBQ 1/2 Chicken Served with Fries Anyhow, Corn & House BBQ Sauce £11. This was the stand out delicious dish of our lunch. The bbq sauce was tasty and the chicken juicy plus the sweet fries were nicer than regular chips.

Craft & Grill BBQ Chicken

We couldn’t resist some sides – Sweet Fries £3 and Onion rings £3. It’s always such a treat to get sweet potato fries (and a healthier option, we keep telling ourselves.) The onions rings were top notch and we fought over the last one.

Craft & Grill sweet friesCraft & Grill onion rings

The dessert menu was too tempting for us, with the sorts of things we love.

Ann can never resist a banoffee, so obviously had the Banoffee Tart Speculoos biscuit base topped with melting caramel, fresh bananas, whipped cream & flake 99 £4.50

Craft & Grill banofee pie

Lynn and Marie were both lured in by the Warm Cherry Pie Served with hot custard £4.50. One without custard.

Craft & Grill cherry pie with custardCraft & Grill cherry pie

Craft & Grill is positioning itself as competition for the chain spots around the corner. It’s always nice to see independents that are able to take on the chains in both product and price. We wish Craft & Grill best of luck in their new endeavour.

29-31 High Street, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, KT12 1DG
Nearest car park is The Heart

We were invited by Craft & Grill but this is no way biased our review.


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