The Plough Effingham

A sunny Saturday and my family and I set out to yet another pub for an afternoon meal. This time we visited The Plough in Effingham, which is located on a quiet lane in the Surrey Hills countryside.

The Plough Effingham exterior

The pub was refurbished in 2013. Inside is homely and there’s an instant feeling comfort when you enter. Friendly staff make you feel welcomed and are not overbearing.

The Plough Effingham interior

Large windows let in lots of light. There’s no background music. Everything is spotlessly clean – no signs of grim. There’s simply nothing offending about this pub.

There’s a corner filled with books & board games. We placed ourselves at it and decided on a game of Scrabble.

The Plough Effingham interior bar

The Plough offers two choices for al fresco dining. In front there are several tables & chairs with backs. In back there’s a pretty garden with flowers and fruit trees and spaciously set picnic tables (no backs.)

The Plough Effingham garden

Fresh, home made food is what The Plough prides itself on. The menu changes monthly to offer seasonal products. There’s also daily specials for both mains and puddings.

Both my husband and I zeroed in on the same sandwich, Chicken, roast red pepper & smoked paprika mayonnaise £6.45. He had his on Ciabatta.

The Plough Effingham ciabatta sandwich

I had mine on fresh brown bread. It was delicious. As a tomato hater it’s so nice to get veg I like on a sandwich. I felt it the perfect size, but his wasn’t quite enough to fill him.

The Plough Effingham sandwich

Daughter #2 had the kid’s Bangers & mash £6.95 The gravy boat nearly made her squeal with delight. She especially loved pouring the gravy out the cow’s mouth, while making sounds that weren’t very appetising.

My husband helped her finish the sausages and was very impressed with them, they had beautiful texture and taste.

The Plough Effingham sausage and mash

Daughter #1, having helped herself to lunch at home without asking, only had a Side of Chips £2.95.

The Plough Effingham chips

We finished our meals but not our Scrabble game – a perfect excuse to order dessert! Plus we were quite content and didn’t want to leave The Plough.

We decided on three desserts, with an extra plate. The idea was for everyone to sample a bit of each.

First was the Bread and butter pudding with vanilla ice cream £5.65. This is The Plough’s most popular dessert and with good reason. I don’t generally like bread & butter pudding but this one really was yummy.

The Plough Effingham bread and butter pudding

Next, my weakness, Sticky toffee pudding, ice cream and toffee sauce £5.65. I was hesitant at the pie shape rather than the standard mess in a bowl, but this pudding was divine. Definitely dessert perfection.

The Plough Effingham sticky toffee pudding

The third choice was the Chocolate cookie & mousse stack with caramel sauce £5.65. I didn’t actually manage to try any of it (I was too busy stuffing my face with the sticky toffee pudding so I didn’t have to give as much away – is that so wrong?) The report was this dessert was also yummy, though not as good as the Bread & Butter pudding.

The Plough Effingham cookie mouse dessert

At long last we had to drag ourselves away from The Plough. The food here was wonderful and good value. The ambiance so comfortable we didn’t want to leave. It was the perfect place for our family meal.

PS/ my husband won the Scrabble, but only because I keep setting him up for the triples in order to selflessly open the board.

Orestan Lane, Effingham, Surrey, KT24 5SW
Large car park.
Dogs welcome in the garden.


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