Formerly Il Siciliano, the Weybridge cafe has been refreshed and revamped and reopened in January as Nikki’s. On our to do list ever since, we managed to sneak in one last lunch sans kids before the schools broke up for summer.

Nikki's Caffe Weybridge external

The interior is delightfully surprising. Calm and graceful, it’s a marked difference from the bustle of the town.

Nikki's Caffe Weybridge internal floral chairs

The front section is an eclectic mix of comfy seating.

Nikki's Caffe Weybridge internal comfy chairs

The rear section has proper tables and chairs for those who prefer dining upright.

It’s a chilled out atmosphere regardless of where you sit. Owner Nikki is very friendly and provides a personalised service that makes you feel like a guest rather than a customer.

Nikki's Caffe Weybridge internal

The menu changes fairly regularly and the specials are unique week by week, with whatever Chef Ollie fancies creating. He makes everything fresh from scratch onsite, save the bread (see all those baked goodies along the top of the counter?)

The menu offers a variety of dishes and you’re sure to fancy more than one.

Order at the counter.

Nikki's Caffe Weybridge internal counter

A steamy hot day, Marie chose the butternut squash spicy soup and focaccia bread £5.95 from the specials menu to test out the theory that drinking something hot will cool you down.

It was light, fresh tasting and had the perfect amount of fieriness (unfortunately it didn’t cool her down.)

Nikki's Caffe Weybridge spicy soup

Ann resolved to be healthy and ordered the Dante salad mixed lettuce & rocket, feta cheese, mint, courgette £7.95. It was super enjoyable with a tasty dressing.

Nikki's Caffe Weybridge feta salad

She then threw her healthy thoughts out the window and ordered a bucket of chips £2.50.

Nikki's Caffe Weybridge chips

The guilt over the chip bucket restrained us from the baked goodies, though they were quite tempting.

We lingered and savoured our last moments without kids until September at Nikki’s. It’s a great place to sit, relax and enjoy great food with friends.

Menu 4
Food 4
Decor/Ambiance 4
Service 4
Value 4
Total 20/25

1 Balfour Road, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 8HE
Town car park


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