Roz Ana

Curry is Ann’s favourite thing in the world, Lynn enjoys it but it’s really not Marie’s thing. When the opportunity arose to lunch at Roz Ana on Kingston Hill, Ann was drooling.

Marie was swayed into attending by the beautiful images of food on their website. Besides, it’s difficult to find a good, independent restaurant in Kingston-Upon-Thames and Roz Ana looked like it had the potential to fill that gap.

Roz Ana Kingston-Upon-Thames exterior

Situated on Kingston Hill, the location is not ideal, but as we were about to discover it’s worth every effort to get there.

A bar is to the right of the entrance where they have a tempting cocktails menu in the evening.

Roz Ana Kingston-Upon-Thames bar area

The dining area is to the left. It’s modern with splashes of colour that hint of of India.

It was quiet during our visit, which is a shame as we found Roz Ana to be a great lunching spot.

Service was excellent. Our waiter Chris was very familiar with all of the dishes on the menu and able to make recommendations to suit our taste but was otherwise inconspicuous.

Roz Ana Kingston-Upon-Thames interior

Bottles of still or sparkling water are complementary and offered upon arrival.

In addition to the main menu, there is a specials menu that features a different region of India every month. On our visit the region was Andhra Pradesh. The menu includes a page of information on the region’s cuisine, which excited travel maniac Marie.

Healthy options are noted on the menu and there are plenty, along with lots of vegetarian dishes.

The prices may be slightly more than you’re used to paying for a curry, but this is is not your Friday night curry house. Roz Ana is an independent restaurant serving high quality food and the prices reflect this.

Roz Ana Kingston-Upon-Thames restaurant seating area

Surprisingly, normally in an Indian restaurant Marie has difficulty finding something she wants, but at Roz Ana she had trouble finding something she didn’t want.

The starters sounded so appealing we each decided to have one.

Lynn went for the “Amritsari Fish £6.50 Carom seed infused crispy fried white fish fillets accompanied with a shrimp remoulade.” It was a really light batter, mildly spiced with tender fish inside, and a light dip. Very tasty and a great option for an appetiser.

Roz Ana Kingston-Upon-Thames Fish Appetizer

Ann’s eyes went straight for the “Chicken tikka salad £6 Grilled chicken breast, mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes and mango tossed in a honey and lime dressing.

The chicken was delicious and the salad dressing was super tasty yet very refreshing. It alone would have been enough for lunch, the kind of lunch that’s perfect for summer.

Roz Ana Kingston-Upon-Thames tikka masala chicken salad

As regular readers will know, Marie loves scallops and orders them whenever she can. She obviously chose the “Seared scallops £9.00 Fresh king scallops, seared with garlic, pepper, coriander and served with lotus root crisps.”

The scallops came perfectly cooked with beautiful flavours. The pretty lotus root crisps were a perfect accompaniment. The dish was so good she dreamed of it when drifting off to sleep that night, something she hasn’t done in a very long time.

Roz Ana Kingston-Upon-Thames scallops and lotus root crisps

For the main we opted to share two dishes with steamed basmati rice (£3) and Peshawari Naan (Stuffed with dry fruits and nuts £3.50.)

From the regular menu we selected “Monk Fish Tepla Ambat £13.00 Popular curry from the west coast of India made using Szechuan pepper, kokum and coconut.

Roz Ana Kingston-Upon-Thames Monk Fish Tepla Ambat

From the regional specials menu we ordered “Kodi Mamsam Kura £10 Diced chicken simmered in a sauce made with onion, tomatoes, coconut, poppy seeds and fine ground toasted spices.

Roz Ana Kingston-Upon-Thames Kodi Mamsam Kura £10 Dice chicken

Lynn fell in love with the monkfish, it was a dish she could become obsessed with, bursting with layers of flavour. You could see why our server recommended against us having the lime rice with it – it would have conflicted – so we were very grateful for that.

While Lynn and Marie were busy raving about the monkfish, Ann was busy loading up on the chicken. She loved it, light but full of interesting flavours that were unique from any other curry she’d had.

The Peshwari naan was crustier than usual, which served to intensify the flavour inside.

Roz Ana Kingston-Upon-Thames curry lunch

By this point we were so enamoured with the food that we decided to have dessert – even though it would mean a rush to get back for school pick-up.

Unwilling to settle for just one each, we opted for the “sharing dessert platter £12 Valrohna Chocolate and Almond Samosa, Gulab Jamun & Mango Kulfi.

All three were delicious. The flavours and texture of the Gulab Jamun (left) were wonderful however the chocolate samosa was the real stand out.

It’s described as “made with one of the world’s best dark chocolates coated with almond flakes, served warm accompanied with chilled creme malibu.” Well, all we can say is ‘it’s a whole lot better than it sounds.’

Roz Ana Kingston-Upon-Thames trio of desserts

We were gluttons that day. We don’t normally have a two course lunch, let alone a three course, but everything on the menu sounded so good we couldn’t help ourselves. We were full afterwards but not overly full the way you would expect to be after a large Indian meal.

None of us ate dinner that night, not necessarily because we weren’t hungry but because we weren’t ready to “let go” of our Roz Ana meal.

We loved Roz Ana, even non-curry eating Marie. We will make the effort to return, with husbands, friends, with anyone really.

Menu 5
Food 5
Decor/Ambiance 4
Service 4
Value 4
Total 22/25

4-8 Kingston Hill, Kingston Upon ThamesSurrey, KT2 7NH
Metered street parking alongside restaurant on Manorgate Road

We were invited by Roz Ana but this is no way biased our review.

Square MealRoz ana on Urbanspoon


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