The giant chandelier is the talk of the town, making it hard not to notice there’s an exciting new restaurant in Walton-on-Thames. The glittering light is a beacon to anyone driving through central Walton. It certainly pulled me in for dinner – another outing with my father-in-law, husband & kids too.

Walton is the second location of the popular Turkish restaurant, the first is in Kingston-Upon-Thames. Cappadocia opened July 6 and shares the central bit of the one way system with Zios.

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames external

Heaps of work has been put in to convert the former accountancy into a modern restaurant. A lot of thought and money has clearly gone into the renovation and the result is impressive. As my husband commented, “This is too nice for Walton.”

Masses of light flood in through the huge windows, making the space bright and airy and good people/car watching. The lights dim at eight o’clock for a more grown up mood.

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames internal

A show kitchen is located at one side, so you can watch your food being prepared.

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames kitchen chefs

The beautiful chandelier greets you at the door. It’s so large it is recessed into the ceiling.

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames chandelier

When you manage to take your eyes off it, the host and hostess are waiting with a warm welcome.

The service is extremely friendly. They engaged in conversation with my children, making them feel special. They invited me in to the kitchen to take a photo when they saw me attempting to do so through the glass. They were enthusiastic at explaining the menu and everything arrived/departed efficiently.

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames Entrance

The menu is extensive. Even if Turkish food isn’t your thing, you’re bound to find something you like on the menu.

We had an assortment of food. The adults all opted for a starter plus a salad for the table. My fil opted to have another starter for his main. One child ordered from the adult menu and one from the kids menu. My husband & I both had regular mains, mine from the vegetarian section (yes, section, this is a great restaurant for vegetarians.)

What we ate:

“Lentil Soup £4.90 Homemade lentil soup with homemade bread.”

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames lentil soup and bread

“Sucuk Izgara £4.90 Slightly spicy Turkish sausage grilled & served with grilled tomatoes.”

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames Sucuk Izgara £4.90 Slightly spicy Turkish sausage grilled & served with grilled tomatoes

“Clay Baked Mushrooms £5.50 Chopped mushrooms, onions, tomato, peppers & garlic, topped with mozzarella cheese and oven baked.

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames clay Baked Mushrooms v £5.50 Chopped mushrooms, onions, tomato, peppers & garlic, topped with mozzarella cheese and oven baked

“Sigara Borek £4.90 (Traditional Turkish Cheese Pie) Filo pastry delicately rolled and stuffed with feta cheese & parsley.

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames Sigara Borek vegetarian £4.90 (Traditional Turkish Cheese Pie)

“House Salad £4.50 Chopped vine tomatoes, cucumber, parsley and onion with olive oil dressing.

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames house turkish salad

“Tiger Prawns £6.70 Tiger prawns sauted in white wine (optional), fresh garlic and herbs.

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames Tiger prawns sauted in white wine (optional), fresh garlic and herbs

“Kid’s kofta + soft drink £6.95”

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames kid's kofta with rice

“Grilled Fillet Of Seabass £13.90 Fillet of seabass with fresh herbs, lemon garlic butter sauce served with sauteed spinach and new potatoes.”

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames Grilled Fillet Of Seabass

“Cheltik Iskender £13.50 Sirloin and lamb kofta with sour cream, tomatoes and peppers.

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames Cheltik Iskender £13.50 Sirloin and lamb kofta with sour cream, tomatoes and peppers

“Karniyarik £13.90 Vegetarian stuffed aubergine.

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames vegetarian Karniyarik £13.90 Stuffed aubergine

Everyone enjoyed their food immensely. All food is made fresh onsite, including the bread, and it was apparent in the taste.

Cappadocia Walton-on-Thames turkish delight

There’s a set menu option. There are specials throughout the week. They do a good lunch special. There’s also belly dancing on Thursday evenings. Basically there’s something for everyone to like at Cappadocia. I wish it every success.

Menu 4
Food 4
Decor/Ambiance 5
Service 5
Value 4
Total 22/25

64 High Street, Walton-On-Thames, Surrey, KT12 1BU
Some street parking, or use The Heart carpark


3 thoughts on “Cappadocia

  1. I would recommend this restaurant its fantastic the food was delicious and the staff fabulous

  2. Wow, it’s not often you read such a positive restaurant review, I’ll be sure to mention this if anyone I know asks for a recommendation for a local restaurant:-) Will have to take a peak next time I’m passing as I hadn’t spotted this new addition:-)

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