The White Orchid Cafe

Following in the trend of putting cafes in boutique shops, The White Orchid has expanded beyond (and behind) flowers and now features a small cafe.

Tucked away behind its old location on York Road, the cafe is access via a small gravelled alley.

White Orchid exterior

Still primarily a florist, your are greeted at the door by the beautiful scent of flowers.

The high ceiling gives lots of character to the space and the rows of skylights let the sunlight flood in. The front, where the tables are located, is open to the outside. Additional tables are located in the little courtyard in front.

Although here for the food we couldn’t resist having a poke around. The place is huge and has giftware, cards of course lots of flowers. Several racks of clothing hang in the back room. Then we spent way too long smelling scented candles. Our olfactory senses were working overtime.

White Orchid interior

The menu is small, with a selection of quiche and or salads plus a soup of the day. Although there was no soup on our day. There were several tartlet quiches to choose from as well as two types of salad.

Lynn selected the mushroom with a side of carrot, cabbage & mango salad. It was super yummy, particularly the salad.

White Orchid mushroom quiche and salad

Marie went for the carrot quiche, again with the carrot, cabbage & mango salad. She wasn’t sure what to expect, given the small selection, but it was very enjoyable. The carrots tasted caramelised and the salad nicely flavoured (if a bit inelegant to eat.)

White Orchid carrot quiche and salad

It was very quiet when we went – we’re not sure if this is from the lack of awareness of the cafe or lack of selection on the menu but one thing is for certain, it’s not for the lack of atmosphere or taste.

Menu 2
Food 4
Decor/Ambiance 4
Service 4
Value 3
Total 17/25

10 York Road, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 9DT
Street parking or town lot on York Rd.


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