The Windmill Ewhurst

My father-in-law is visiting from Canada for a few weeks. This means many meals out with him, for which I will spare the ladies.

For the first lunch I wanted to find him a pub that best showcases Surrey’s beauty. I got wind of The Windmill in Ewhurst and off we went, me, my kids, my husband and his father.

Set deep in the Surrey hills, on the road that goes through the centre of Shere, about 10 minutes south. It’s quite a fun, pretty drive, often a single lane with tree banks towering over you as if in hobbit land, and then the pub appears on the right. No windmill though, it was destroyed during a storm over a century ago.

Windmill Ewhurst external

It’s owned and operated by a husband and wife team, he leads the cooking and she the front of house. It’s extremely friendly and relaxed.

Inside, the main area is best described as eclectic, with lots of treasures dotted around, from suits of armour to stag heads.

Windmill Ewhurst interval

There’s a more formal dining area with a ‘tented’ ceiling and amazing, far reaching views over the Surrey countryside.

Windmill Ewhurst dining area

Tucked around behind the upstairs bar is a snug, with inviting leather sofas and a television.

The is another bar area downstairs. Consisting of three big comfy sofas focused around a tv, it’s truly feels like a public house.

Windmill Ewhurst bar

The big draw here is the terrace. There are two terraces going down from the main level, and then a further garden down below with a trampoline for kis. The views from the terraces, particularly the top one, are far reaching and stunning.

The outside furniture is good quality, with backs and padding on the chairs (can you tell I have a bad back?)

Windmill Ewhurst terrace

Most exciting of all for my father in law was the live (chilled out) music every Sunday lunch.

The menu was appealing, and we all dithered about what to get.

In the end I reverted to my weakness of getting an appetiser and a side. Why is it I always do that?

I had the “Finest Scottish smoked salmon, lemon, capers & Irish soda bread £8.25.’ They were the biggest capers I’ve had and the flavours were super yummy.

Windmill Ewhurst salmon and Irish soda bread

For my side I had the ‘Mixed salad £3.50.’ It was nicely dressed with a good mix of leaves.

Windmill Ewhurst side salad

My fil went for the ‘Finest ale battered fish of the day with chunky chips and garden peas £12.95.’ He ate most of it, which means it must have been excellent as he doesn’t normally finish all of his food.

Windmill Ewhurst fish and chips

The rest of my family all went for Sunday roasts. One big beef, one small beef and one small lamb.

‘Garlic infused Scottish roast beef, goose fat potatoes, medley of seasonal vegetables and Yorkshire pudding £15.50.’ The kid’s version was £7.95 and included an ice lolly.

He kept raving about the flavours in the gravy and thoroughly enjoyed his entire plate, plus the leftovers from both my kids’ plates.

Windmill Ewhurst Sunday roast beef

Kid’s roast beef.

Windmill Ewhurst kid's roast beef

Kid’s ‘finest English leg of lamb infused with garlic and rosemary, slow roasted in hay bed, goose fat potatoes, medley of seasonal vegetables & Yorkshire pudding.’

Windmill Ewhurst kid's roast lamb

Medley of seasonal vegetables with exceptionally tasty cabbage.

Windmill Ewhurst sunday roast vegetables

The dessert menu featured lots of dishes with fruit as the centre, poached pears, apple strudel, tart tatin. I love love love fruit based desserts. Actually that’s an understatement, there are no words.

After much deliberation I decided on the ‘caramalised pineapple with honey & cinnamon glaze and vanilla ice cream £5.75.’ I loved every bite. I even ate the ice cream and I don’t care for ice cream.

Windmill Ewhurst pineapple dessesrt

We all loved our discovery of The Windmill and will definitely be back. It was the perfect choice to take a Canadian visitor to show them England also has both natural beauty and good food to be enjoyed.

Menu 4
Food 4
Decor/Ambiance 5
Service 4
Value 3
Total 20/25

Pitch Hill, Ewhurst, Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 7NN
Parking along road
Dog friendly inside and out


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