Hothouse Cafe

There’s always that place that looks intriguing when you drive past, that friends rave about but you never quite manage to venture in. That was The Hothouse Cafe at The Medicine Garden in Cobham for us. A place always in the back of our mind that we never quite got around to visiting, until now.

Built in 1850 as the kitchen garden for Cobham Park, the Victorian walled garden and courtyard was taken on as a labour of love by the forces behind The Medicine Garden. An ongoing project, proceeds go towards the upkeep and reinvention of the garden.

The Hothouse Cafe sign

Entrance is into a large walled garden that is a work in progress. Beautiful beds line the outer perimeter and they are currently crowd funding a planting project for the inner circle.

Follow on through the back wall where you will find the courtyard, home to several sellers, the treatment rooms and The Hothouse Cafe.

Entrance to the cafe is around to the right.

The Hothouse Cafe external

The patio is the larger seating area. The chairs all have backrests and there are plenty of umbrellas. It’s nicely situated in what feels like the centre of the courtyard. Noise from the outside world is kept outside by the wall, leaving you to relax in the medicinal peace of the space.

Inside is a shabby chic decor, with blinds to stop it getting too hot. Cakes and other yummies are on display near the cash.

Table service is youthful and friendly.

The Hothouse Cafe internal

We were a little surprised when we saw the menu, as it didn’t ring any bells from the one we’d looked at online but we had no trouble making a selection.

Ann went for the daily special, homemade tomato soup with granary bread (£6.) It was very fresh and surprisingly refreshing. Tangy with just the right level of consistency. The bread was excellent but she wanted more of it.

The Hothouse Cafe soup

Marie had the ‘roasted duck with pomegranate, pistachios (£11.)’ It also had sliced almonds. It was delicious and a good sized portion – though the plate needed to be bigger as bits kept falling off the sides.

The Hothouse Cafe duck pomegranate pistachio almond salad

The Medicine Garden is a delightful space and The Hothouse Cafe is a good excuse to go and explore.

Menu 4
Food 4
Decor/Ambiance 4
Service 4
Value 3
Total 19/25

Downside Road, Cobham Surrey KT11 3LU
Plenty of parking
Dog friendly patio


Garden Pod lite bites, sandwich lunches,drinks, ice cream at the Medicine Garden CobhamIf you’d like to dine at The Medicine Garden but want a less expensive option, the ‘The Pod’ operates out of a steamliner trailer in the garden section and sells sandwiches and other light bites.




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