With a husband’s birthday to celebrate we decided nothing is more manly than a burger and rib joint so decided to try Cleaver in Cobham for his birthday dinner.

A new brand by Prezzo, Cobham was the first of the Cleaver locations (currently at five.)

Cleaver Cobham restaurant exterior

The interior is interesting, the cynic would argue it’s contrived but they’ve put a lot of thought into it and it’s very suiting for the type of restaurant. It’s a nice point between plain walls and singing animatronics.

The kitchen is open to the dining area, with a flame grill and rotisserie on display.

Cleaver Cobham restaurant interior

Everything is clad in wood. The exterior is 200 year old French oak. The walls are barrel strips from the 1930s. Most fun of all, the ceiling is an old school gymnasium floor.

There’s just one trouble with all that wood, it bounces sound around very effectively. The place was packed and it was crazy loud, we moved to an outside table despite our lovely warm indoor one.

Cleaver Cobham restaurant interior

Staff were very friendly, welcoming, and helpful – even with the full house.

When we ladies asked if they had any blankets for our legs because we weren’t dressed to sit outside, they jokingly said they only had tea towels. When we said we wanted them they quickly brought a stack of warm tea towels. It actually did the trick of keeping us warm, if a bit silly looking.

The menu is simple, a pretty authentic American burger and rib shack assortment plus some nice sounding salads.

To start we ordered a bowl of 10 hot ‘n spicy chicken wings (£10.50) for the table. Strangely they arrived with the rest of our meals, leaving the mains to go cold. We assume they view them as a side not a starter, which is unfortunate.

Cleaver Cobham restaurant hot chicken wings

Ann hates when her food gets cold and so, sitting outside, opted for a chicken, bacon and avocado salad (9.95.) She was glad she did so she could tuck into those wings without worry over her main going cold.

Cleaver Cobham chicken and bacon salad

Marie opted for the ‘warmed goat cheese, caramelised onions, roasted peppers & artichoke’ salad (8.95.) Initially the cheese was stone cold but they took it back and warmed it without question.

Neither of our salads came with dressing. The waiter didn’t offer dressing when he delivered them. We asked for dressing and were brought two bottles of chicken sauce plus some oil and vinegar. This was disappointing but the salads were otherwise fine.

Cleaver Cobham goat cheese salad
The menfolk each had a burger. One a cheese and bacon (£8.95.)

Cleaver Cobham cheese and bacon burger

The other a cheese and jalapeno (£8.75.)

Cleaver Cobham burger
We ordered sides to share, skin on fries (£2.95)

Cleaver Cobham skin on fries

and sweet potato fries (£2.95.) How very North American and how very yummy.

Cleaver Cobham sweet potato fries
The four children had two types of dishes between them.

Two had the quarter rack of ribs and fries (£5.95 for 2 courses and drink,) described as being ‘even better than the Waitrose ones.’

Cleaver Cobham kid's ribs

Two had the classic cheese burger with fries (£5.95 for 2 courses and drink.) Described as being ‘good,’ they clearly take after their fathers.

Cleaver Cobham kid's burger

Then dessert time. We arranged for the servers to bring out a banana bread and butter pudding with a candle and a song. They did a really good job, it was lots of fun and hopefully had the desired effect of embarrassing him.

Cleaver Cobham banana bread and butter pudding birthday cake

The eldest begged for a New York vanilla cheesecake with chocolate sauce (£4.95.) Actually she ordered it with fruit coulis, they changed it straight away.

Cleaver Cobham cheese cake dessert

The younger girls shared a brownie (£4.95) while the adults looked on with envy.

Cleaver Cobham brownie ice cream dessert

The lone boy couldn’t pass up the offer of a chocolate shake (£3.95) and chose one over a dessert.

Cleaver Cobham chocolate shake

We’ve long been fans of Prezzo and enjoyed our family meal at their new Cleaver concept. Inside needs some attention to noise dampening but otherwise it’s a nice addition to the family restaurant scene. It’s a burger and rib restaurant that does what it says on the tin.

Cleaver has another Surrey location in Leatherhead: 36-48 Church Street, KT22 8DW.

39-43 Oakdene Parade Cobham, Surrey KT11 2LR
Street parking

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