King William IV

To enjoy the beautiful Sunday weather we decided to test out the garden at the King William IV. Set on the slopes of Byttom Hill, near Box Hill just off the A24 between Leatherhead and Dorking. Public car park on A24 (outside Frascati’s restaurant) or rustic lane parking in front.

It isn’t immediately obvious where the pub is – when you turn off of the A24 keep left when the lane forks and the pub is on your right (look up!)

Please note that the pub is reached via steep steps and that the garden is terraced with small steps in several places.

King William IV

Opened in 1790, the King Billy has loads of character. The interior is smallish but cute with two fireplaces and a fresh cut flower on each table. It feels fresh without being another sterile white wall pub.

For indoor weather you’d be wise to reserve a table, ideally beside the big window in front to enjoy the beautiful views over the Mole Valley.

We should also mention that it has a particularly nice women’s loo, for any toilet tourists out there.

King William IV

The garden is the big draw to visit here. It’s nicely maintained and made up of small terraces with gorgeous views over the Mole Valley. Between the tiered seating and the table spacing you have great feeling of space and openness, even at full capacity.

Remarkably, while busy, the pub is not heaving with people like some lesser pubs in more prominent areas. When we arrived at noon we had our choice of tables, the outside didn’t fill up until after one. It seems this truly is a hidden gem.

Several walking paths run very near (and even alongside) the pub. The clientele seems to predominantly be ramblers and dog walkers.

King William IV

Service is very friendly, informal and plentiful.

There is a weekend bbq in the garden, weather permitting.

King William IV bbq

The menu sounds super yummy (nachos with beef slow cooked for 10 hours or slow roast shoulder of lamb, also cooked for 10 hours.) However the smell of the bbq was a bigger sell than words on a page could ever be.

Ann had the marinated steak baguette. The onions were soooo good.

King William IV bbq steak sandwich

Marie had the marinated chicken burger. It was perfectly cooked and super tasty.

King William IV bbq chicken burger

We opted to share a dessert, the “King William IV Teardrop,” apparently their signature dish. We don’t know why the king was crying but his tears sure are tasty.

Made completely on site, a chocolate case in the shape of a teardrop is filled with summer berries and Chantilly cream then topped with chocolate sauce and a raspberry coulis. Decadent is the only word for this treat.

(Sorry about the poor photo, we were in a rush to eat it!)

King William IV Teardrop dessert

The King William IV is a remarkably pleasant pub. Enjoying the views and the food in their garden is a lovely way to spend a sunny afternoon.

We don’t know where to draw the line between pub and gastropub. We’ve ranked the King William based on it being a pub. It’s very nice whatever it is!

Menu 4
Food 4
Decor/Ambiance 5
Service 3
Value 4
Total 20/25

King William IV Byttom Hill Mickleham Surrey RH5 6EL
Dogs welcomed in the garden


2 thoughts on “King William IV

  1. What a beautiful view to enjoy whilst eating!

  2. […] King William IV Perched above the Mole Valley in Mickleham, the pretty tiered garden has wonderful views over the valley and the hills beyond. […]

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