Fego Caffe

With the kids home for half term we braved the option of taking them with us for a lunch review. We chose Fego in Cobham as we had both been a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. Plus the kid’s menu looked good. Street or town lot parking.

With the two of us and five kids in tow we fortunately had the foresight to make a reservation.


When we arrived the restaurant was packed. We were ushered to a table in the back corner, a 6 with an additional chair at the end.

In addition to the background noise from all of the people, the music was loud and it was difficult to have a conversation. At least we didn’t have to worry about keeping our children quiet.

The interior was nice enough but seemed to lack the charm we remembered it having, it felt more chain-like.

Service was prompt and efficient.

Fego interior

The children all ordered from the kid’s menu. The pizzas were very nice but the fish fingers didn’t go over so well. The chips were skinny fries and a big hit.

Marie had the Cajun chicken salad, minus tomatoes – she’s a tomato hater. Described as ‘hearty, healthy fusion of oven-roasted Cajun spiced chicken with avocado, feta, cherry tomatoes and roasted butternut squash with a honey and mustard dressing, £10.50.’

It was okay, but the honey mustard overpowered the cajun flavour. There was lots of chicken but it would have been nice to have a bit more avocado, feta and squash.

Fego salad

Ann opted for the warm goat’s cheese salad. ‘Grilled goat’s cheese drizzled with homemade basil pesto, ciabatta croutons, sun blushed tomatoes, avocado, grilled peppers, beetroot and caramalised onions, £10.95.’

It was really good, lots of everything and the cheese was just right. She finished her plate as Marie looked on with envy.

Fego salad

We were both hungry for more so asked to see a dessert menu. When the waitress brought the menu she highly recommended the frozen yoghurt.

The dessert menu read like an American breakfast menu, waffle, french toast and pancake. The only proper dessert was a brownie.

When the other waiter came to take our pudding order he highly recommended the frozen yoghurt (someone at hq really wants to move the frozen yoghurt!) Disappointed, we asked for the bill. 12.5% service charge was automatically added to our bill as we were more than 6 people, albeit only 2 adults.

As we were leaving we saw two beautiful looking cakes in a glass display case we hadn’t noticed when we came in. We were tempted to sit back down and order a slice, but the momentum of the children was already out the door.

Cobham is Fego Caffe’s only Surrey location.

Menu 3
Food 3
Decor/Ambiance 3
Service 3
Value 3
Total 15/25

14 Anyards Road Cobham Surrey KT11 2JZ


One thought on “Fego Caffe

  1. I always enjoy your reviews. That goat cheese salad looks yummy,

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