The French Tarte

We love The French Table so when Ann’s car needed an MOT in Surbiton we decided to lunch at its baby sister, The French Tarte. It’s snuggled up against big sister on the elegant Maple Road in Surbiton. Street pay parking.

Opened by the owners of The French Table in 2011, The French Tarte is a stylish cafe that bakes its bread, pastries and cakes on site every morning.

The pavement in front is broad with mature trees and provides a pleasant setting for some outdoor tables.

The French Tarte

Once we drooled our way past the display case full of goodies that greets you at the door, we took a seat at one of the marble topped tables. It’s a fairly basic interior but pleasant nonetheless.

The French Tarte

When we visited there was a nice amount of buzz, without it being overly loud or crowded.

Service is good. As a bonus we had a real live French waitress.

The menu features many interesting twists on the standard fare. In true European style, each menu item has two prices, to stay or take away.

Marie opted for a baguette with tuna, sweetcorn and wasabi nuts. It arrived cutely wrapped in a bow. The bread was lovely but the wasabi was difficult to detect. She got halfway through before remembering they were there. Overall at £3.55 (for the eat in price) it was worth every penny.

The French Tarte tuna baguette

Ann had the quiche of the day, vegetable and blue cheese. She wasn’t sure if that’s a garnish or a salad. It either needed more greens or a smaller plate. It tasted good, only a hint of blue cheese.

The French Tarte quiche

The treats on display were too tempting for our willpower. Everything looked so yummy we struggled to choose. In the end we elected to share an eclair and an apple & apricot tarte. Delicious! They really hit the spot as we were still a bit peckish after our mains.

The French tarte tea

If you’re in the neighbourhood The French Tarte is a great spot for breakfast, lunch or an afternoon treat. The residents of Surbiton (and now also Teddington) are lucky to have such a nice local cafe.

Menu 4
Food 4
Decor/Ambiance 3
Service 3
Value 5
Total 19/25

83 Maple Rd, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 4AW

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