Pinnock’s Coffee House

We were out to celebrate Lynn’s birthday and with miserable weather forcing us indoors we opted for one of our favourite cosy spots, Pinnock’s. Located in one of Ripley’s ancient buildings, on the high street near the intersection with Newark Lane (beside the Thomas Ford and Sons.) It’s easy to miss as the sign can be hard to spot. Street parking is usually easy to find.

Pinnock's Coffee House

Downstairs is a perfectly nice (big wood) tables and chairs cafe but upstairs is the real treat. Set in the rafters, the beams divide the area into roughly six sections. Each has its own individual comfy sofas, chairs and low tables, think charity shop chic. A book exchange corner and boardgames to add to the charm.


It’s super cosy and sweet and quirky. It’s hard to feel stressed inside Pinnock’s, as it’s such a relaxing environment. The service is welcoming and jovial. A visit here is a bit like wrapping yourself in a warm blankie.

pinnock's coffee house

For days that are too nice to sit inside, there’s a cute little patio area out back (we couldn’t get a photo because it was chucking it down.)

This is your proper coffee house and consequently they take their coffee seriously. You won’t find any of the bog standard dark roasted joe here. For each cup, beans are ground fresh and brewed using the slow drip method. Pinnock’s is all about the subtle flavours of the bean. Too bad we don’t drink coffee, but we had Clare with us to give a verdict. She approves.

slow drip coffe

Tea drinkers don’t despair, they do a proper cup served in a proper cup. The selection of leaves is as wide as the selection of beans.

tea set

The food menu here is more interesting than your standard cafe fare and everything is homemade, which automatically makes things more appealing. The portions are generous and the side accompaniments are tasty.

For her celebratory lunch, Lynn chose the Smoked Mackerel Pâté – Homemade pâté served with a marinated tomato salad, potato salad, green salad, coleslaw and brown toast. It did not disappoint, the pate was lovely, fresh and vibrant with nice sides.

mackerel pate

Even before we arrived Ann was craving quiche. Fortunately the quiche of the day was brie and roasted vegetables, flavours Ann loves. It was deee-licious.


Marie and Clare both opted for wraps. Both looked identical so we only took one photo.

Marie had the roasted vegetables with homemade houmous finished with balsamic vinegar. Basically Marie orders anything on a menu with balsamic vinegar (including ice cream) but it was hard to detect it in the wrap. It and the sides were still yummy.

Clare had the free range egg mayonnaise with rocket salad. A good egg salad is underrated, but it’s the kind of thing you (or at least we) don’t bother to make at home so it’s a real treat to find a good one. We’ve decided that next time we come we’re all ordering the egg salad wrap.


If you have any room left (we didn’t) they also sell a variety of homemade cakes and treats. Poor Lynn, no cake for her birthday.


Pinnocks is such a special spot that we may well regret sharing it. Whether you come for breakfast, lunch or an afternoon treat, it’s sure to give you a break from the daily stresses of life and a chance to recharge your batteries.

Menu 4
Food 5
Decor/Ambiance 5
Service 4
Value 4
Total 22/25

High St, Ripley, Surrey, GU23 6AF
dogs are welcome inside in the upstairs and on the patio


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