The Green at Burhill Golf Club

The Green is the restaurant at prestigious Burhill Golf Club. Located in the clubhouse, a Georgian mansion that was home to Barnes Wallis during WW2, The Green is an undiscovered gem as people seem to be unaware it is open to non-members. Open to the public seven days a week. Plenty of parking.


A confession: We don’t only lunch out, we also frequently go out for dinner (can you tell we really like eating out?) For our first dinner review we elected to dine at The Green. The restaurant underwent a makeover and opened its doors to the masses in 2011 and we’ve been fans ever since.

When you first walk into the clubhouse you’ll probably feel a little lost. It’s a maze to navigate your way to the restaurant and there are no signs to help you, but staff and members are always friendly and will point you in the right direction. From the main entrance (that’s the entrance by the pro shop, not the entrance pictured above) go right then the first left and the entrance to the bar/restaurant is on your right.


The atmosphere is welcoming and there is no sign of snobbery. The décor is stylish and modern. Try to nab on of the banquet tables because, well, because who doesn’t love banquet seating?

The ambiance can be lacking in the evenings, although Ann feels like a VIP when she has a nice restaurant practically to herself. It’s often busy during the day and you’re wise to make a reservation for lunches on weekends.

Occasionally they put on special evenings, Like the Upcoming Mission Estate Wine Night on May 23 2014, and reservations are recommended.

The service is friendly, lighthearted and efficient. There are no real expectations on your attire and you can dress up or down.

The views through the large Georgian windows are stunning. There’s a large patio to further immerse yourself in the lush surroundings. It is so beautiful and peaceful here that we don’t usually want to leave until the sun sets.


They’ve recently gone to a set menu for dinner, with a choice of either two courses for £18.95 or three courses for £23.95. The lunch and breakfast menu remain the same. There’s also a bar area that serves lighter bites. There’s even a children’s menu.

A selection of warm bread rolls and a jug of water come with all meals.

We both elected to have a starter and a main. For her starter, Ann chose the homemade watercress & potato soup served with garlic croutons. It was heavier than expected but tasty nonetheless.


Marie had the baked french goats cheese en croute, baby watercress & pear salad dressing with grapes and honey. It was packed full of flavours, no subtlety with this dish.


Ann’s main was chargrilled tuna steak nicoise with green beans, eggs, new potatoes and salad. The tuna was nicely grilled. Sundried tomatoes and kippers gave this dish some nice flavour combinations.


Marie always gets the portabello mushroom ravioli in a tomato sauce when she dines here. It didn’t make the leap to the set course menu but the chef was kind enough to make it for her anyway. Actually even on the regular menu it comes with a garlic cream sauce but they’ve always been happy to serve it to her with a tomato sauce. You can see how they’re very accommodating.


We don’t normally have two courses here. The portion sizes are very generous and we both left very full. Too full. We may have to restrict our visits to lunchtime so we can have one course. Though they are so flexible it wouldn’t be surprising if they would let us opt out of the two course menu.

It’s unfortunate more people don’t know The Green is open to the public, as it’s a great restaurant that needs more evening customers to give it a good evening buzz.

Menu 4
Food 4
Decor/Ambiance 3*
Service 4
Value 3
Total 18/25

*4 when it’s busy, 2 when it’s not

Burhill Golf Club, Burwood Road, Hersham, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, KT12 4BL


One thought on “The Green at Burhill Golf Club

  1. Nice food photography! Makes me really want to eat there (if I could just hop across the Pond that is)!

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