Jolly Farmer Weybridge

Located in a residential area just off the Queen’s Road, the Jolly Farmer is a little end of terrace cottage. It’s teensy, with only 42 seats inside.


Parking can be tricky as the council has gone double yellow crazy to punish the parents at nearby Manby Lodge Infant School. Which reminds us, don’t try to go during school pick up, traffic is a nightmare. You can usually get a parking spot at the cricket green a short walk away.

A traditional pub, you get the impression the décor hasn’t been changed in decades. There’s lots of stuff on the walls, beams in the ceiling and the tables are well worn. Unfortunately we couldn’t take a very good interior photo as so many people would have been clearly visible in it.


On nice days there are some tables out front and lots of seating in the large, secluded back garden. It’s always a treat to find an outdoor dining area that isn’t alongside a busy road. (Unfortunately it was bucketing down when we visited.)

The ambiance is traditional pubby. It’s a bit cosy, but very jovial. We had a good laugh when the man at the table next to ours answered his mobile and said “I’m up a roof and can’t talk, call me back in an hour” then gave us a cheeky smile.

Plagued with problems in recent years, a husband and wife team have taken over the kitchen and put the Jolly Farmer back on track. They took over 9 months ago and run the kitchen as a separate business from the bar. The pub is once again becoming popular for lunch and a pleasant reawakening is replacing the old ghost town lunchtime atmosphere. These days people are even eating at the bar.


It’s good home cooked food. The lunch menu offers up a staple of sandwiches and jacket potatoes plus an extensive specials menu.

Lunch is served everyday. Curry and chilli is served every evening. The Sunday roast is popular and is served until the food runs out – booking is recommended, especially when it isn’t warm enough to sit in the garden.


Lynn had a roast chicken sandwich on granary bread from the regular menu. It came with a salad and coleslaw garnish. The chicken was succulent and overall it was an above average pub sandwich.


Marie had the beer battered haddock from the specials board. It came with chips and peas. The batter was crisp and flavourful and the fish was really nice. Marie doesn’t normally eat fish and chips, it’s a wonder she ordered it. But she liked it and was happy with her choice.

You won’t be overwhelmed with lunching here, but it’s a solid choice for a local Weybridge pub lunch that won’t disappoint.

Service by the kitchen is good but the bar staff is a little green.

Dogs are welcome.

Menu 3
Food 3
Decor/Ambiance 3
Service 2
Value 3
Total 14/25

41 Princes Rd, Weybridge KT13 9BN
Dog friendly, inside and out

More info at All About Weybridge Jolly Farmer


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