Flours Artisan Bakery

Tucked around the outside of the Heart on Hepworth Way (opposite Waitrose,) Flours is easy to forget about when shopping at The Heart. Parking is in The Heart’s multi-story car park.


When you first enter it’s difficult to know whether you’re supposed to sit down or go to the counter at the back to order. If you order at the back you get to see the daily specials display before you choose. The owner seems to care passionately about the quality of all of the products she sells – no coke here!

The ambiance mirrors the rustic feel of the food, save Michael Jackson’s greatest hits.

We sat at the big, long middle table, which takes up the bulk of the room. While the European style communal dining is a novelty, sitting on a bench is difficult for Marie’s back. The large width of the table can make conversation a challenge, especially with strangers sitting at the same table.

Our tip – go at off peak times to get one of the 4 individual tables at the front that have proper chairs. In summer there is plenty of seating outside.

In keeping with the rustic feel, the food came on wooden boards.


We know from past experience that the food is hit and miss. Not so much with the flavours, but with there being something you fancy on the specials menu. Today there was nothing that excited Ann or Lynn so they both opted for ham sandwiches. It was juicy thick cut ham on lovely white bread, but there was nothing else on it. No lettuce, no tomato. No garnish or crisps came with it.


Marie had a sweet potato mash and cheese on a slice of toasted fresh bread. It came with a nice salad garnish (Sorry, we’re not sure of the exact description as it was a see/point type order.) The flavours were lovely, there just wasn’t enough of it. Here we ran into a bugbear of Marie’s – cheap cutlery! She’d like to rid the world of flimsy forks, particularly when she’s paying for the food.

Though the food is tasty, the portions are on the small side – especially considering the food here isn’t cheap. We were still feeling peckish.

They did have some tempting looking cakes, but between Marie’s back and Ann’s need for a private conversation, we decided it was time to leave.


Service is okay, but we had to ask to pay the bill.

Menu 3
Food 3
Decor/Ambiance 2
Service 3
Value 2
Total 13/25

Unit 56, The Heart, Walton-on-Thames www.floursbakery.co.uk

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